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Ready to participate in a training that’ll give you real tools to use with your clients right away? 


Individual Practitioners

I get it. The thought of one more online training does not sound like a good time. But what if it was? What if you could attend an informative and engaging virtual workshop that you can actually relate to and use in your work or personal life right away? My goal is to provide you with an informative, engaging, and experiential training that you’ll actually enjoy (and maybe even keep your camera on).


All training workshops are limited to 20 participants to ensure you have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss clinical material that matters to you. Need continuing education credits? No problem- all workshops are approved by NASW-CT for continuing education. 

Group or Team Trainings/
Public Speaking

Whether you are looking for an informative workshop for your team on specific clinical topics or want to enhance your team’s wellness and decrease burnout through Mindfulness- I’ve got you covered. Clinical topics include DBT: Theory & Skills, Complex Trauma & the Nervous System, Mindfulness for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma, IPV & Toxic Relationships, and more! These workshops allow your team to get a tailored approach to their personal and professional growth- talking about topics that matter in real time. All group training/ public speaking workshops are tailored to your needs and can be custom created to fit your priorities, right now. Email me for a full list of clinical topics and descriptions!


Upcoming Workshops for Individual Practitioners or Groups

*Each class has a maximum of 20 participants

*You will receive an email with a Google Meet link as well as all materials two days before your event

*If you did not get into the workshop of your choice please contact me for an alternate date

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Take your training and personal development to the next level with my workshops!

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