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You support so many- it’s your time to feel supported.


Supervision for mental health practitioners working towards licensure and consultation for those already licensed. We meet individually at a frequency that feels right for you (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or “as needed”)

Training Workshops

Training workshops are available on a variety of topics including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Complex Trauma and the Nervous System, Intimate Partner Violence and Toxic Relationships (and many more!) for practitioners looking to enhance their clinical skills, knowledge, and acquire continuing education credits. Training workshops can also be scheduled for a team or group looking for a tailored training experience (on-site or virtual).

Public Speaking

Public speaking engagements can vary from professional development workshops for professionals outside of the mental health field, team workshops to enhance workplace productivity/morale, as well as events seeking an engaging speaker to connect to their audience on a specific topic.

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Providing unparalleled training and expertise for professionals in the way of training workshops and supervision/consultation.

Public Speaking
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