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 Are you bored with the training you are
currently attending as a practitioner?

Welcome To My Practice.
I’m So Glad You Are Here!

My practice was created in 2015 with the mission to provide comprehensive and accessible training and mentoring for those seeking to learn more about mental wellness and clinical practice. My vision is to build a community of collaboration, learning, and growth to collectively enhance the mental wellness field.

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What Makes Me Different


Services Provided


Supporting mental health practitioners in doing the work they love.


Interactive training to enhance clinical practice.

Public Speaking

Available for a variety of public speaking engagements on topics that are tailored for educators, professionals, practitioners and community


of Americans





41 percent of Americans dealt with an untreated mental illness in 2021 (Mental Health First Aid)

Mental health crises account for 60 million visits to primary care and 6 million ER visits annually (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

According to data collected by Mental Health America, over half a million people reported having signs of depression and/or anxiety between January and September 2020.



96% of psychologists reported continuing with remote/telehealth services.The need for virtual therapy increased by 302% compared to before the pandemic. (2021 APA Practitioners Survey).

In 2021 62% of psychologists reported receiving more referrals since the start of the pandemic, 46% reported feeling burned out, and 41% reported not being able to keep up with the demand in referrals and treatment needs.

What People Say


“I really appreciate the insight and perspectives you give me when we meet. It’s very helpful and it keeps me connected to what’s important to me in this work”


“This workshop was full of valuable information and resources that can be applied immediately into practice. I am already looking forward to taking another training with you.”


“I found this training to be incredibly helpful! I really liked the handouts that were given, and the materials listed that I can look further into. I also enjoyed the fact that it felt comfortable to have an open discussion.”


“I gained valuable knowledge and skills both personally and professionally. You are such a great speaker and presenter and I really appreciate all you do for the mental health field!”


“This was the most useful training on trauma/ complex trauma that I’ve ever attended”


“This was a great workshop. I really feel it explained the DBT skills that I have learned about in the past in a way that I can now use. I feel more confident using the skills and have some great tools. I will look into further trainings you provide.”

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Dedicated to providing engaging and dynamic training for your personal growth and development!

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